Hottest Gifts for Violinists and Fiddlers 2017!

I can't believe the Holidays are ON. Looking for gifts for violinists and fiddlers?

For this 2017 edition of my yearly list, I've looked to our community of Hot Violinists and asked the ViolinWOD group about some of their favorite things.

There are items in this year's list for every budget.

I'm including screen shots from the Group FB page to give credit to the idea person. ūüôā


These are high quality cards based on original acrylic paintings by Becky Chaffee. They come with humorous and serious tips such as,

“After playing an erroneous note, do not make a face. It's best to make it obvious that it came from your neighbor.”



Rosin build up. The struggle is real!

I'm a wipe-it-off-with-my-T-shirt-girl myself, so I appreciated Jim suggesting this.


Good idea Steve! I'm always making these out of sponges and plastic bags when the humidity dips, but it would be better to have a nice one.

I might have to put one of these in my own stocking this year.

This one is cool because it's adjustable, a little higher volume (some are too small to make a difference), and comes with a built in hygrometer so you know when you're in the danger zone. Anything under 40% is not good.


This is for the violinist that has all the necessities but loves toys. I found it while searching for a metronome solution for a student named Derek who hates his electronic metronome and doesn't wanna mess with the ones on the phone.

I watched the video on Boss's website and this thing sounds really nice! I like how it has a big loud speaker so maybe there's a chance of actually hearing it over the violin blazing in your ear.

More like a jam buddy than a metronome….


It's so much easier to practice consistently when the violin is out and ready to go in plain view.

This came up in response to my Hot Tips Tuesday tip to practice 5 min a day. Then Garry aka “R2” showed me these violin shaped ones.

I have no idea how this rosin performs, but dang it's nifty and so giftable in that violin shaped box.

Maybe it's good stuff…. but either way it's the thought that counts right??


I just found these guys a couple months ago. Three of my students have these violins now and LOVE them.

This is for someone on your gift list who you REALLY like. (Self gifting definitely recommended here.)

I chose the Raining Up model for the violin give away for ViolinWOD performance challenge. I had a chance to play it and it is SO special for the price.

They are getting to know me over there and can help you customize your violin with things I recommend like geared tuning pegs and the bridge a shade lower to make for easier rolls.

Tell them Jenny sent you and they will give you a free E string upgrade to Eva Gold E.

Email Jeff and he'll help you customize the perfect thing in your price range: (I've been really impressed with his service for me and my students.)

(Jack has the Hibernia. Becky and Jim have Raining Up.)


Old school! 

Time your practice without getting interrupted or distracted by your stinkin' phone.

The black sand is 25 minutes and the white sand is 5 minutes. I recommend using the big 25 min one for working on learning tunes and small 5 minute one for focused bursts of technique practice, for example keeping bow straight in the mirror.

(These are also great for pacing your work day with a 5 minute break for every 25 minutes of work.)


Gabs pretty much summed it up:

I'll say no more. Except that heads up, these require installation which runs about $150-$200 in addition to the cost of the pegs. So worth it, if you can swing it.


Thanks for letting us know about this Mary!

I think any fiddler would love a gift subscription, plus their website offers a treasure trove of quirky fiddle gifts like these note cards featuring a vintage etching of fiddler dancing with dog.

How cool is that?


I'm repeating this from last year because I'm a fiddler, I got this as a gift two Christmases ago, and it is still practically an extension of my right arm. You can throw it in a bag with all your sheet music because it will never leak.

It helps me stay hyrdated which I think is super critical for practicing without getting hurt.

Or forget the hydration, they now have a 25 oz version that holds an entire bottle of wine.


Because we all know and accept that fiddle music sounds much better when the fiddler is wearing a hat.

This website has a ton of variety from silly to serious in different price ranges including this one that is literally called the Fiddler Cap.



So that's my list for 2017! Please let me know if you end up getting any of these for your friends and loved ones.

Still stumped?

Check out my lists from past years. There's lots of good stuff back there.

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And do you have any ideas of gifts for violinists and fiddlers? Let me know in the comments below!

11 Hottest Gifts for Violinists and Fiddlers 2016!

Looking for gifts for violinists and fiddlers? This 2016 edition of my yearly list has some special ideas for some of the toughest-to-gift types of violinists on your list such as….

-Violinists to be
-Violinists with not enough time in the day
-Trad purists

And the previously impossible to gift…

-Violinist who has everything

I've gone cold turkey on the Amazon affiliate links this year. So, all of these links are sending you to small businesses that I simply like (Yay! Let's send some Holiday cash their way!).

If you'd like to support, you can purchase downloads of my music or tell your aspiring violinist friends about ViolinWOD 2017. Ooh look! The discounted pre-enrollment packages made it on this year's list!! ¬†ūüėČ


I’m proud of my 20 peeps who started violin in 2016 with me via my 5 minute a day video program. Can’t wait to see who I meet in 2017! Please send some more nice people my way for the next experience. Pre-enrollment is open with early bird discounts.

This year I’m making custom vouchers for gift giving. Just print, roll up like an ancient scroll, tie with twine, and send your loved one on an adventure.

For total beginners or anyone who wants to sound better using less practice time.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA # 2 –¬†Headspace Guided Meditation Subscription

Here's another way to give an experience instead of a thing!

Stress less, sleep better, love better…. practice violin better! Neuroscientists and monks agree.¬†Practicing meditation helps¬†everything. The Headspace program is really easy and fun and gift subscriptions start at $12.95.

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #3¬†–¬†Fizzics Portable Beer System

Bring the pub home (or anywhere) for a more authentic fiddle learning atmosphere. It's for the violinist on your list dedicated to the art and preservation of culture!

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA # 4 –¬†Amazing Grace Wind Chimes

I would have thought this idea might turn out cheesy, but it's totally not. These are beautifully tuned artisan wind chimes made by Davis Blanchard. He tunes using Just Intonation, which is what fiddlers use for the best sounding double stops.

The tuning of this set is reminiscent of the melody of Amazing Grace. You can explore the many different themes and tunings with the videos on his site to find something personal to the person you are shopping for.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #5 –¬†Fingerless Gloves

Super practical for any fiddler or violinist you know who sometimes needs to play outside in chilly temperatures. They also look really cool, so hey… I say air conditioning is reason enough to perform in these.

It's a nice thoughtful little gift you can find in a variety of colors and price ranges. I liked the ones on this Etsy shop because they are handmade, afforable (under 10 bucks?!) and come in a bunch of different colors and styles for men and women.



Hydration, hydration, hydration! Or coffee…..

A very thoughtful Santa brought me one of these for Christmas last year and it has been by my side every day since. I really like my woodgrain one, and I think a lot of fiddlers probably would too. But they have tons of color options to personalize the gift. Keeps things hot or cold and doesn’t leak. 

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #7 –¬†Circa Paleo Beanie

Vintage band gear is in. The more obscure the better. And the fiddlers in your life might appreciate being turned on to this band in particular, where the violin is the lead singer. The ‚Äúdancing J‚ÄĚ CP logo represents the connection between rhythm and melody. Meanwhile keeps head warm.¬†


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #8 –¬†Productivity Planner

For the too-busy violinist in your life. (And who isn't?) Maybe you can actually gift them with more time in the day to play.

This thing really works to get stuff done. It’s like a day planner, life coach (a good one not a woo woo one), and a time management workshop all in one little black book. It has definitely helped me to beat procrastination, but more importantly brings peace of mind.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #9 –¬†Matches in a Bottle

Combine these with a candle from your local candle maker for a unique gift that would make a nice finishing touch to a practice space. It's nice to have a routine to begin the set aside practice time, and lighting a candle is perfect for that.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #10 –¬†The Man With the Violin

One of my violin students gave this to me, and I've since sent copies to two young maybe-future-fiddlers I know. It's a children's book based on the social experiment when world renowned Joshua Bell played his Strad in the DC Subway. Cute.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #11 Bridge and Cross Bows T-Shirt

Violin maker Andrew Carruthers first created these designs in linoleum blocks cut with his violin making tools. Now the bridge and crossbows is available in a locally screen printed version to keep up with demand. Once you're on his site, take a stroll through the many shirt designs and posters.

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #12 РLife Sized Chocolate Violin

WHAT?! Yes, this is a whimsical memorable treat to put a smile on the face of the violinist who already has everything else. Because I really don't think they have one of these. Made fresh to order in white, dark, or milk chocolate.

And since this is one of the best ideas I've ever heard of, it made it in as number 12 on my list of 11.

Did I mention it is life sized?


So that's my list for 2016! Please let me know the reaction if you end up getting any of these for your friends and loved ones.

And do you have any ideas of gifts for violinists and fiddlers? Lemme know in the comments below!

11 Hot Violinist Gifts for 2015!

I'm back with a fresh new list of fiddler and violinist gifts! I've personally tried and enjoyed everything on this list of my 11 favorite violin gift ideas.

Several of these are from small businesses (Yay! Let's send some Holiday cash their way!), a few are from right here in The Hot Violinist shop, and some link to Amazon. (A portion of sales from Amazon links comes back to help support! Thanks!)

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #1 –¬†5 Minute Journal

Okay, so this one is not violin-specific, but it's about being happy and happy is HOT! There's a page for each day, and it really does just take five minutes, and it really does make me a happier person. I use mine every day! (Almost…)

Violinist Gifts 5-minute-journal


I love this small company and their meditation cushions! Practicing meditation helps me develop patience and observation skills which apply directly to my violin practice.

Violinist Gifts zafu-cushion

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #3 –¬†Bridge and Cross Bows T-Shirt

By violin maker Andrew Caruthers. I'm so geeked about his entire line! Andy is a violin maker based in Santa Rosa CA, and he has started this fun line of violin related shirts. He cuts the designs into linoleum blocks using violin carving tools and hand prints each shirt. So cool…

Violinist Gifts bridge-crossed-bows-tee

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA # 4 –¬†Boscia Charcoal Skin Care Kit

I make a lot of my skin care from stuff found in the kitchen, but this is one commercial product I really like. I totally believe in the magic powers of charcoal. It's great for men or women because it smells good, not girly. My favorite is the cleanser, but the kit makes a fun gift.

Violinist Gifts boscia-charcoal-skincareViolinist Gifts boscia-charcoal-skincare

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #5 –¬†Bernadel Rosin

Okay, this is a repeat from last years list, but I had to post again because this rosin is the bees knees! A stocking stuffer for smooth full tone- yes!

Violinist Gifts bernadel-rosinViolinist Gifts bernadel-rosin

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #6 –¬†The Hotter Fiddle

I'm featuring this violin because one of my students, Gabs, recently traded in her “Hot Fiddle” beginner model as an upgrade for this one and it reminded me how sweet it is. She is an advancing student and within a couple weeks of getting her new violin, she just happened to land her first professional public gig. Part of it is because the great tone of this fiddle gives a huge confidence boost. This fiddle is equivalent to the violin I am playing in the original “Hot Violinist” video. The Hot Fiddle has a solid good tone, but this one takes it to the level of artistry.

Violinist Gifts hotter-fiddle

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #7 –¬†JonPaul Bravo Carbon Fiber Bow

I've always followed my teacher's advice to have one wood bow and one carbon fiber bow always in your case. Carbon fiber acts the same no matter what the weather and sounds really good for the price. I was amazed when I first learned that the bow choice is just as important to the sound as the violin and sometimes more! I've had this exact bow in my case since around 2006 and sometimes I even choose it over my German-made wood bow that cost me $1600. This one sounds really darn good for under $300!

Violinist Gifts jonpaul-bravo-carbon-fiber-bowViolinist Gifts jonpaul-bravo-carbon-fiber-bow

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #8 –¬†Evah Pirazzi String Set

A luxurious treat! I don't always use these strings because they are a little more pricey, but I treat myself to them every few string changes, and definitely go to them when it's time to record. If you put these in your loved one's stocking they will enjoy about 6 months or more of buttery smooth feel on their violin.

Violinist Gifts evah-pirazzi-string-setViolinist Gifts evah-pirazzi-string-set

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #9 –¬†D'Addario Helicore String Set

A nicely priced set of great strings! They are bright and responsive, especially good for fiddle music.

Violinist Gifts d_addario-helicore-string-setViolinist Gifts d_addario-helicore-string-set

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #10 –¬†First Learn to Practice

I consider this a must read for any musician! My mom plays guitar and sings (Janet Darlene Drew, check her out!) and she brought a copy when she came to visit a couple months ago. It has a lot of nuts and bolts tips for happy, fun, productive practicing.

Violinist Gifts first-learn-to-practiceViolinist Gifts first-learn-to-practice

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #11 –¬†Hot Violinist Lessons

And don't forget Hot Violinist lesson packages are completely giftable! Purchase any of the lesson packages in the Shop and I'll send you a printable giftable voucher.

Violinist Gifts hot-violinist-lessons

What are your ideas for gifts for violinists and fiddlers? Share them in the comments below!