My Discography

My complete discography! 
For the first time ever, my complete music collection is available in one place. Receive over $150 worth of acoustic world music for just $69. This collection will show you the evolution of my playing, and inspire you to continue your journey.
Here's the full breakdown of what you'll be getting:

The three CDs that are still in print from my first band, E Muzeki:

  • Sindh (2005)
  • E Muzeki self titled (2006)
  • Agrafa (2007)

Three CDs with my newer band, Circa Paleo:

  • Eleven Lives (2009)
  • Live From The Mucky Duck (2013)
  • Bootleg Live in PA (2014)

Full album download cards with artwork stickers for Circa Paleo’s two out-of-print albums:

  • Roseland (2011)
  • Tideland (2011)

My live full length concert DVD:

  • Live From The Mucky Duck (2013)

All of these CDs come with beautiful art work and/or extensive booklets filled with photos and descriptions of the songs. I’ll even throw in an autographed photo for fun. You can’t get THAT on iTunes!

Circa Paleo CDs available individually at and E Muzeki CDs available individually at