Let’s be friends and I’ll show you stuff!

The Hot Violinist

I'm a woman of few words… until you ask me a question, and then you might not be able to get me to shut up.

A lot of questions came about after a fan-posted YouTube clip of me, which was titled “The Hot Violinist,” went viral. I was getting emails asking for everything from sheet music to violin lessons to…ab workouts?

If you came to me at the beginning of my senior year of high school and told me that a few short years later I would be touring the country as a professional fiddler, I would have laughed, but since then, I've produced and performed on 8 albums with two different bands, E Muzeki and Circa Paleo.

The inspiration to play violin came late, at the age of 18, and a ton of reputable violin teachers in my hometown of San Antonio discouraged me from trying to play at all.

“You're too old to learn,” they'd say (as if learning is reserved just for five-year-olds…).

I'm really glad that I didn't listen, because I've had a lot of crazy fun and success playing this thing!

Don't get me wrong, it was rough in the beginning…

I remember sitting on my bed after screeching away for thirty minutes during a practice session and thinking I'd NEVER bow a single clear and pretty note. I wish I had recorded those early practice sessions as proof. Even my sweet grandparents said it sounded terrible!

There was also a lot of confusing stuff to wade through when it came to getting outfitted with the right gear and finding teachers. Finally after so much trial and error, I found a teacher who taught me like an ADULT, not like a little kid.

Instead of viewing my old (relatively) starting age as a hinderance, she saw it as an opportunity to use the ADVANTAGES that come with age (experience, critical thinking, emotion) to rapidly accelerate my progress! And boy did I take off from there.

I went from shyly performing for small audiences to playing fiddle versions of famous rock songs in front of huge audiences that loved my playing!

I’ve seen little kids dance and grown men cry. From the stage, I've enjoyed the faces of thousands, and each combination of people has a different vibe. Some groups sit quietly and some evolve into all-out raucous dance parties. Slowly I came out of my shell, and I’m not so shy anymore.

The early naysayers were wrong. I picked up a complex and intricate instrument when I was an adult and became a professional touring musician. 

And after years of traveling on the road, I found my current love and passion: teaching adult fiddlers how to pick up the instrument, play amazing tunes, and have a blast! I believe violin is not just reserved for the youngsters looking to be the next Joshua Bell. It's for everyone and anyone who wants to play for their friends, family, by themselves, or even in front of audiences.

So I hope my message is clear: you CAN learn the violin at ANY age. And I'd love to help you! I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

I've created this site to answer questions about learning the fiddle and my journey. I don't pretend to be a virtuoso or master pedagogue of violin technique, but I'm sharing what I've found as I go, and keeping an open ear along the way. 

So if you're interested in learning or sharpening your skills, why don't you head on over to the lessons page?

And if you're not interested, please still do say HI!! You can find me here on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or leave me a message on my blog. I

I look forward to meeting you 🙂


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