Rains of Castamere Cover from Game of Thrones

Spoiler alert! (Early Season 1 only…)

A giant White Walker popped up in my neighborhood about 3 weeks ago!

It was a billboard that pretty much just featured one ice-blue eye the size of a car along with the lettering:

7.16 at 9 HBO

A peace loving friend of mine was talking about the billboard with total disgust, “If you want people to be empowered, why show them scary stuff like that?”

I could see his point.

But I was also surprised to hear that, because when I saw the billboard, the empowerment of human kind was the last thing on my mind.

The first thing?


If that makes me a bad person, so be it. More on that later… 🙂

I was slow on the uptake getting into Game of Thrones.

I think I was bouncing around a lot on the road during the first few seasons, so I didn't really give it a look until about when Season 4 had finished.

I was still kind of on the fence through most of the first episode, but then during the final five minutes of Episode 1, little Bran got pushed out the window.

I was hooked.

(Because I needed to make sure he was ok!)

And with 4 Seasons worth of episodes stock piled…. those were the good ol' days!

Now I have to do stuff like this to make time pass in between seasons:

What about you? Are you looking forward to seeing how the GoT story continues?

What does the White Walker with his cold glowing eye balls really represent?

Winter has been coming for a while now… When it finally does, I imagine everyone will have to see the true adversary.

My fantasy is the characters are going to have to set aside the typical power struggles, wars, revenge and home dragon raising projects to actually work together for once.

Or am I just justifying a guilty pleasure???

Lemme know what you think!!!

Circa Paleo Update April 2017

This is a letter to all the CP fans with some bits of news about my adventuring bandmates. 

Dearest Amigos,

We hope the first few months of 2017 have been treating you right and that wherever you are in the world the sun is shining. Either that or you are wrapped in a nice warm sweater with a cup of tea in hand.

Circa Paleo does not have any shows booked on the road together this year, but our members are out and about up to all kinds of exciting things.

We are all still intimately connected and in touch.

For example, just the other night James and Joshua created a group text thread and sent Kelly and me close-up photos of these huge piles of nachos they were enjoying at our band’s ol’ fave margarita spot in Texas.

I’ll start with James, since he has the most impressive news update by far. He rescued this pelican from the Great Salt Lake:

He has also joined up a wonderful band called Duende! You can catch them for the final weekend of Sherwood Forest Faire, THIS weekend, April 22, 23.

After that they’ll be headed West to Southern Cali Ren faire. This band features Amanda Kitchens and….. your very own…

Jake Cooper!

I’m afraid I have to share a bit of news about Jake that may be disappointing to some…

Yes, he is officially taken. He and Kendra tied the knot. Here’s a pic of the adorable couple on their wedding day December 23:

Joshua will be out at Sherwood this weekend as well! He is performing with Saxon Moon. They have been up to some cool gigs such as the Dallas Museum of Art.

Throughout the Spring festival season Joshua has often been found performing as a small seal:

Before that, Joshua was out for a Winter tour with David Arkenstone – I heard several of you guys made it out to share the moment!

As you guys know… the CP group and fans are a family, and it always makes me happy when I see pics of any of you together.

Speaking of band family, our beloved Mandi is doing great. She’s been busy being a baddass as usual:

Mandi is of course missing Jay the very most out of all of us, but at least she still has a somewhat Scottish looking dude nearby to swing nunchucks at:

Kelly has been writing a bunch of new original songs, and is this close to mastering her middle splits:

Easter Sunday, she and I hopped on FaceBook Live to play an impromptu holiday jig. We were so surprised how many of you were there to send hearts and thumbs-up floating across the screen!

We had fun and will definitely do this again since you made it feel like a crowd dancing out there:

Feel free to leave a comment to say hi from your part of the world, and I'll pass it along to all the traveling CPeeps.


Jenny and CP