My name is Jenny, and I'm glad you're here.

I'm guessing that you found me for one of two reasons:

  • 1 ~ You enjoy the music of my band, Circa Paleo and want to know more about it.
  • 2 ~ You have a Hot Violinist within and are seeking some tips on how to do all of this yourself.

I'm mostly focusing on the instructional stuff here, but this is also a great place to hang out if you want more behind the scenes info and unreleased previews of my music projects.

If you're just here to listen and watch, that's cool, but now a few words for you fiddlers and fiddlers to be:

I'm not claiming to be an expert of the violin, but I do know a LOT about starting violin "late" since I myself began my fiddle journey at age 18. I've also learned a lot about unique world music styles over the past several years of traveling all over the place.

Now I want to share all the quirky tips and music that I've learned. In other words…

I'm here to make YOU into a Hot Violinist.

Before we go further, lets define hot, shall we? Because the hot I’m talking about reaches far beyond smokin’ fiddle riffs and gym bodies. Check out my first blog post, "The Hot Violinist Manifesto," to read about what "hot" really means to me.

11 Hottest Gifts for Violinists and Fiddlers 2016!

Looking for gifts for violinists and fiddlers? This 2016 edition of my yearly list has some special ideas for some of the toughest-to-gift types of violinists on your list such as….

-Violinists to be
-Violinists with not enough time in the day
-Trad purists

And the previously impossible to gift…

-Violinist who has everything

I’ve gone cold turkey on the Amazon affiliate links this year. So, all of these links are sending you to small businesses that I simply like (Yay! Let’s send some Holiday cash their way!).

If you’d like to support thehotviolinist.com, you can purchase downloads of my music or tell your aspiring violinist friends about ViolinWOD 2017. Ooh look! The discounted pre-enrollment packages made it on this year’s list!!  😉


I’m proud of my 20 peeps who started violin in 2016 with me via my 5 minute a day video program. Can’t wait to see who I meet in 2017! Please send some more nice people my way for the next experience. Pre-enrollment is open with early bird discounts.

This year I’m making custom vouchers for gift giving. Just print, roll up like an ancient scroll, tie with twine, and send your loved one on a 6 month adventure. For total beginners or fiddlers who want to take their technique to the next level.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA # 2 – Headspace Guided Meditation Subscription

Here’s another way to give an experience instead of a thing!

Stress less, sleep better, love better…. practice violin better! Neuroscientists and monks agree. Practicing meditation helps everything. The Headspace program is really easy and fun and gift subscriptions start at $12.95.

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #3 – Fizzics Portable Beer System

Bring the pub home (or anywhere) for a more authentic fiddle learning atmosphere. It’s for the violinist on your list dedicated to the art and preservation of culture!

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA # 4 – Amazing Grace Wind Chimes

I would have thought this idea might turn out cheesy, but it’s totally not. These are beautifully tuned artisan wind chimes made by Davis Blanchard. He tunes using Just Intonation, which is what fiddlers use for the best sounding double stops.

The tuning of this set is reminiscent of the melody of Amazing Grace. You can explore the many different themes and tunings with the videos on his site to find something personal to the person you are shopping for.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #5 – Fingerless Gloves

Super practical for any fiddler or violinist you know who sometimes needs to play outside in chilly temperatures. They also look really cool, so hey… I say air conditioning is reason enough to perform in these.

It’s a nice thoughtful little gift you can find in a variety of colors and price ranges. I liked the ones on this Etsy shop because they are handmade, afforable (under 10 bucks?!) and come in a bunch of different colors and styles for men and women.



Hydration, hydration, hydration! Or coffee…..

A very thoughtful Santa brought me one of these for Christmas last year and it has been by my side every day since. I really like my woodgrain one, and I think a lot of fiddlers probably would too. But they have tons of color options to personalize the gift. Keeps things hot or cold and doesn’t leak. 

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #7 – Circa Paleo Beanie

Vintage band gear is in. The more obscure the better. And the fiddlers in your life might appreciate being turned on to this band in particular, where the violin is the lead singer. The “dancing J” CP logo represents the connection between rhythm and melody. Meanwhile keeps head warm. 


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #8 – Productivity Planner

For the too-busy violinist in your life. (And who isn’t?) Maybe you can actually gift them with more time in the day to play.

This thing really works to get stuff done. It’s like a day planner, life coach (a good one not a woo woo one), and a time management workshop all in one little black book. It has definitely helped me to beat procrastination, but more importantly brings peace of mind.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #9 – Matches in a Bottle

Combine these with a candle from your local candle maker for a unique gift that would make a nice finishing touch to a practice space. It’s nice to have a routine to begin the set aside practice time, and lighting a candle is perfect for that.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #10 – The Man With the Violin

One of my violin students gave this to me, and I’ve since sent copies to two young maybe-future-fiddlers I know. It’s a children’s book based on the social experiment when world renowned Joshua Bell played his Strad in the DC Subway. Cute.


HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #11 Bridge and Cross Bows T-Shirt

Violin maker Andrew Carruthers first created these designs in linoleum blocks cut with his violin making tools. Now the bridge and crossbows is available in a locally screen printed version to keep up with demand. Once you’re on his site, take a stroll through the many shirt designs and posters.

HOT VIOLINIST GIFTS: IDEA #12 – Life Sized Chocolate Violin

WHAT?! Yes, this is a whimsical memorable treat to put a smile on the face of the violinist who already has everything else. Because I really don’t think they have one of these. Made fresh to order in white, dark, or milk chocolate.

And since this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard of, it made it in as number 12 on my list of 11.

Did I mention it is life sized?


So that’s my list for 2016! Please let me know the reaction if you end up getting any of these for your friends and loved ones.

And do you have any ideas of gifts for violinists and fiddlers? Lemme know in the comments below!

ViolinWOD 2017

Violin Work Out of the Day

Pre-enrollment is OPEN! Program begins Feb 27.


Start violin from scratch or learn to play with more ease and beauty in about 5 minutes a day.

No barbells, jumping jacks or actual sweating (and no Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!).

It starts with a 30 day program with a ~5 min practice video to watch and play along with each weekday.

Week 1: Relaxation, posture and holding violin and bow

Week 2: Making nice sound, rhythm variations

Week 3: Left hand, playing the notes

Week 4: String changes, coordinating left and right hands, playing on the lowest string, your first Irish fiddle ornaments in beginners terms

By the end of 30 days, you will have a new habit: daily, relaxed, movement-centered violin practice.

I found in the 2016 ViolinWOD that the bite sized daily practice videos were the most valuable and effective part for most of the members. I’ve worked that feedback into the new program.

The WOD style videos will continue to flow to your inbox 3-5 days per week for a total of 6 months!

You’ll learn your first several songs with me, all just by following the videos that come straight to your email inbox each week.

You won’t have to wonder about how to practice enough, or what to practice to keep those good habits going.

I sprinkle in video challenges and assignments to share with the group to keep you motivated and engaged with the community.

I started this in 2016 because this is what I wish I had had when I started learning the violin. It would have saved me over $2,500 (pretty much all my tips waitressing at Paesano’s) with teachers that didn’t really know how to teach adults and 1.5 years of frustrating trial and error that almost led me to quitting. Now I’ve made it even better.

I’ve designed the program with three levels to choose from with different amounts of personal attention. I’m calling them Hot, Hotter, and Hottest. 🙂

All three programs include:

  • Month 1: Foundation Program: ~5 min video Mon-Fri for four weeks
  • Months 2-6: Sound Good Program: 3-5 emails per week, learn songs, learn to improvise, practice videos 5-20 min in length (some will be repeated), practice challenges.

Plus these freebies:

  • Fiddle buying/renting guide (including a great option for $23/month)
  • Equipment and accessory shopping list (gather everything you need for under $20)
  • A tuning workshop video
  • Basic care and maintenance video
  • Truth about muscle memory and relaxation intro talk video
  • Visual brick pyramid diagram of skills needed to play fiddle
  • Access to supportive online community of other Hot Violinists

You won’t feel alone, no one will be left behind .

Official 2017 prices will be on a monthly recurring basis.

For a limited time, I’m offering a steep early bird discount and one-time price for the full 6 month program.

Also please keep me and ViolinWOD in mind as a holiday gift idea! This is a life changing gift for a violinist or aspiring violinist you know.

Prices below are one time payments and cover your entire 6 month experience. All members will receive personalized feedback from me, but there are more opportunities for individual attention in the Hotter and Hottest programs. Seats are most limited in higher tier programs to allow for more private individual attention.

Whether you are a total beginner or just want to overhaul your sound, these programs have everything you need.

I’m very proud to say that this program is proven to work better than private lessons at a fraction of the price.

Your ViolinWOD program includes lifetime access to the videos as a resource for tune ups and technique refreshers along with lifetime membership in the Hot Violinist online community (these people are cool…I mean hot…I mean trust me you want to know them…).

Hot: Buy now for $797 with the Early Bird Discount — over 10% off 2017 retail (marked down from $882) — comes out to $132/month.

  • 6 month video course.
  • Freebies and bonuses.
  • Online community: Post videos of your weekly practice challenges to get feedback and/or support from the group. Jenny will respond to some.

Hotter: Buy now for $997 with the Early Bird Discount — over 15% off 2017 retail (marked down from $1182) — comes out to $166/month.

  • 6 month video course.
  • Freebies and bonuses.
  • Online community: Post videos of your weekly practice challenges to get feedback and/or support from the group. Jenny will respond to some.
  • 1 per month private video review from Jenny. Email Jenny your progress and questions and she will respond directly via email or video when needed.

Hottest: Buy now for $1,497 with the Early Bird Discount — over 20% off 2017 retail (marked down from $2,082) — comes out to $249/month.

  • 6 month video course.
  • Freebies and bonuses.
  • Online community: Post videos of your weekly practice challenges to get feedback and/or support from the group. Jenny will respond to some.
  • 2 per month private video review from Jenny. Email Jenny your progress and questions and she will respond directly via email or video when needed.
  • Monthly Live video Q&A. Play for Jenny and the group, ask Jenny anything (pretty much). Troubleshoot any issue. You’ll practice more if you know you’ll be playing for people!

Space is limited, especially in Hotter and Hottest. Plus, the first ten people to sign up will get a special thank you gift from me, so go for it! (mysterious… I know…)

The prices will go up January 1 and then we all start together Feb 27.

If a monthly payment plan would be a better fit, hang tight for the official enrollment in 2017. Those will have a monthly payment option. (Hot $147/mo, Hotter $197/mo, Hottest $347/mo.)

I am personally committed to making this a fun and effective way for you to start your violin journey. If it doesn’t quite work for you for any reason, I’ll happily refund your money. I just ask that you complete the initial 30 day program to see what it’s all about and let me know of your request for refund within 45 days of starting program.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Learn a Cool Fiddle Tune by _(insert winter holiday of choice)_.

Wanna learn some new music to share with family and friends for the holidays, but already feeling the time crunch?

This group is full but stay tuned for the next one.

You can still check out my version of King of the Faeries and read a bit about my group teaching style if you’re interested.

Clicking the vid thumbnail will open another tab and take you to YouTube. After you give it a listen, you can come back to this tab and read on.


Took me 15 years to figure this out, but the basic formula to tackle violin as an adult is really simple actually:

Bite sized videos + Community + Live Q&As with me 🙂

Ok, yeah, there’s a bit more to it than that. You know, other violin teacher essentials like…



SHEET MUSIC! (I’m hearing your requests for this)

I had a chance to test this out with 20 adult violin beginners and my ViolinWOD program I hosted earlier this year.

Here’s what a few ViolinWOD members had to say:

“This is important: it wasn’t overwhelming.” -Ken, Japan

“Jenny’s program was so well suited to my busy and hectic schedule!” -John, Texas

“Violin experience before Jenny = a nightmare, with Jenny = a lovely dream.-Minni, Italy

In the meantime, we’ve created a nice little community of cool people who support each other as friends and fiddle players.

Now they are ready to learn songs. And I know you guys are too because you are asking for them!

Now is your chance to learn King of The Faeries using the same tools that worked so well in ViolinWOD, and play this lovely tune for your favorite people around the holidays. 

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Bite-sized videos sent straight to your email inbox

I’ll be sending short, bite-sized videos over the course of four (4) weeks directly to your inbox. Each video will teach you a technique, drill, or portion of the song.

  • Invite to a PRIVATE Facebook group for support and questions

You don’t have to go it alone anymore! Post questions and videos of your progress knowing it’s for us, not the whole web. Get feedback from the group, and I’ll be jumping in to comment on videos and questions to help you all through the learning process.

  • Live Q&A with me!

We will all get together via web conference on a Saturday morning in December and talk about all the finishing touches, ornamentation and variations. Ask me questions about the song, or anything else you’re working on (Lingering questions about Last of the Mohicans anyone??).

I’ll give you A TON of advanced notice in hopes that everyone can make plans to come, but it’s OK if you can’t make it. I will be recording the Q&A so you’ll have access to watch anytime you need it.

And one more thing…

Just to sweeten the deal for you ambitious fiddlers out there, I’m going to be running a little contest.

One lucky fiddler will receive a free private lesson with me! (via Skype)

To enter…

Post a video of you playing King of the Faeries at the end of the program. You can share your awesome version on YouTube (encouraged!) or just share to our private group.

This brave act will put your name in the hat to be drawn for a free lesson!

I can’t wait to start this party!

This group is full but stay tuned for the next one.

🙂 Jenny